Just Words

Where Do You Find Me
In His Hands
Hidden and Found
Heart Cry
Life Is
Life and Death
Sleep Tomorrow
Goodbye Racquetball
How Beautiful
Hit The Wall
What A Waste


to say well done
please pardon the pun
of a well done steak
and the finishing race
but thoroughly through
is the key to all who
desire such praise
and even must say
paint a picture of life
of paying the price
is offered to all
A life that’s enthralled
but to be well done
takes fire and flame
the ultimate goal
is for them and they.

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With heads bowed down
and eyes squeezed shut
to see what happens
when prayers rise up
like dancing stars
or loose balloons
our words launch through
the blue lagoon
destination unknown
no land or sea
but straight to father
our faith can see

the fight begins
the wrestle ensues
to stop those words
to delay, subdue
they fight for us
Angels, they protect
the prayers we pray
so to affect
our friends our families
the life that we use
our prayers they treasure
they will not loose

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Made to give
Created to see
the thoughts and prayers
once birthed in me
are taking root
and gaining ground
are forming and completing
I’m very proud
to give myself
and invest my time
like many have
throughout my life

My eyes, not mine
they perceive and see
my thoughts accumulated
from my friends and family
my hands to serve
they touch and care
my lips speak truth
and the stories you shared

So you see, I am not me
but you and you and even you
I’m formed and shaped
my mind and actions
taking the same inclinations
that were once reveled to me
So I am
what you’ve invested


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Where Do You Find Me?

Where do you find me?
In a convergence of Love?
Bubbling with great expectations?
With God?

Not here, but there
With plans, with a path
Not straining forward,
but not looking back

You find me existing
You find me content
You find me in wonder
Just find me, Persist!

The cry of His heart
To seek and to find
Also, is the built in drive
For all of humanity to move and explore
to fill the void which we’re created for

Where do You find me?
Hopefully with You.
Embraced by my Father
Created, brand new

Where do You find me?
Surrounded by grace
Looking to work
and to finish this race.

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In His Hands

When I fail, He picks me up.
When I cry, He picks me up.
When I feel alone, He holds me tight.

When I celebrate, He picks me up.
When I laugh, He picks me up.
In all situations, He holds me close.

In fact, I’m never let down.
I’m never dropped,
I’m never forgotten,
Never am I misplaced.
I’m held with the most gentle and delicate hands,
taken cared of with utmost thought and attention.

Safe in the hands of the comforter
Safe in the hands of the artist
Safe in the hands of the protector
Safe in the hands of the creator
Safe in the hands of my father!
Safe in the hands of my God!

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Hidden and Found

I am a hidden…?
a hidden…?
No, I’m hiding!
You don’t know,
where I am, or
what I’m doing,
what hurts,
or what makes me laugh.
I’m hidden by choice,
without hope of exploration.
Who would explore who I am?
Who would help me through the junk,
the problems and pain?
Who really cares?
I was hidden unitl,
until the light shone…
deep past anyones attempts.
It hit the deeps…
and kept going!
The light revealed,
it revealed what was hidden,
the hurts, the shame,
and what I forgot was there.
I’m no longer hidden
but found
No longer invisable
but seen
cared for
looked upon and embraced
taken care of,
and I finally belong.

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Heart Cry

Would my heart
Break and move
Would my body
React and respond?
Then a world,
Lost and confused,
Would see
Would taste
A heart of Love
Crushed and hurting
For the broken to be new
For the lonely to know hope
For the lost to see light
And for the far away
To come home

Would my heart
Break and move
Would my body
React and respond?
To the heartbeat of Father
Whose passion and life
Were given in spite
Of betrayal and sin
Whose passion and life
Were given and sacrificed
For a creation fallen
For creation redeemed.

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The taste of redemption,
wets the lips of this sinner.
Bright hope fills my soul,
with the uncontainable smile of God.

Redemption draw nigh!
While our souls cry for closeness,
in a distant land.
Redemption draw nigh!
As my spirit cries for life,
from within a desolate earth.

Not just a taste to be satisfied,
but a baptism of You, is what I desire!
Not just a tease nor a shadow,
but the indwelling of life and light;
this is the cry of my heart.
Oh redemption draw nigh!

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Life Is

Life is.
Because its not
nor is it lost
to unexpected moments
or adventures unseen
Life is Life…
Life is seen
felt and lived
not condemned
it’s embraced
squenched really tight
life is lost when one loses sight
of important moments
unique and untold
the sequence of life
just let it unfold!

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Life and Death

In the depths of the deep are buried and crushed
those from your path
with the words that were such,

degrading and ignorant,
foolish and harsh
unkempt, without thought
daggers to the heart

but clawing and climbing
the quest for daylight
with muscle to lift
and vigor to fight

Are words that encourage
they clash and they break
darkness and lies
inspiring the escape

words that bring freedom
words that bring life
watch what you say
Be a giver of life.

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Sleep Tomorrow

As the lighted sky dims
the expanse disappears
oneness encamps
and subdues our fears
the lives that we live
our thoughts and our tears
fall away
with the closing drear
So next starts the journey
to forget and lay back
the wrestle for peace
to enclose
to retract
away, to the base of comfort and cloth
disappear, see your dreams
remembering that
soon light will shine
and all that you left
and not looking back
will appear with the sun
of the next rising day
take courage
and finish your race

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Goodbye Racquetball

I lost a ball
its blue and round
we looked and looked
It could not be found
the hit was hard
my grin, how grim
when lost the ball
I did!
I did!

The racket
shot it straight in the air
such height and speed!
With much despair
my head shot up
my eyes quit fair
I could not find that rubber glare.

So down to two
with none to spare
we dare not hit
the ball up there

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To explode, implode
abrasive and loud
to jerk and construe
your face and your brow
to scream and to rant
stomping all the way
pay attention and look closely
to whom your pushing away
the meltdown of all meltdowns
it destroys and tears away
the people in your life
the people, who wish to stay
So quite, be still
A soft answer turns away…
And the words of the pure,
How pleasant do they hang.

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The balance of words,
and the importance of voice!
To proclaim with loud volume,
seems stronger than invisible action.
Both show realities and purpose,
do actions speak louder than words?
So serve to be nice,
and give to be generous.
Humanity is for humanity
and neighbor is for neighbor,
but to give a cup of water,
In the name of Jesus,
gives proclamation to action.

Proclamation forces the issue,
for not just another good work.
It brings an uneasiness to society
and forces the issue.
The uneasiness is the realization
that accepting the cup
is the accepting of an eternity,
is the acknowledgment of The Sacrifice
and thus forces their hand to then,
accept the way and follow,
or reject the way with understanding.

Either way truth pierces darkness
and God’s eternal light
presents the opportunity
to leave a footprint, a fingerprint
and a hope of greater life
as the drawing power,
the name of Jesus,
is proclaimed with His actions.

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How Beautiful

How beautiful, are the things that remain
Faithfulness, love, and patience to stay
How beautiful, to know and to serve
To wake and to think, for some others’ good
How beautiful
How beautiful

How beautiful, to seek and to find
That all of the truths and blessings are thine
How beautiful, to live and obey
To walk out the scriptures, fulfilled through “The Way”
How beautiful
How beautiful

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A revealing of what’s unseen to everyone else.
A vulnerability to oneself.
An attitude that leaves the door wide open for judgment, or love, or both.
Why the lies and why do we hide?
Our utmost desire, to be found,
not alone, not by oneself,
but to make the team, to be in the club and to share our thoughts.
Open your mouth and hear whats not you?
Move your lips and know not the language?
To force out the truth, opens the “door”
and leaves nothing in shadows,
where falsity captures our minds
and our imagination becomes reality.
In the end, light will reveal all.
And quickly we realize
that freedom and peace,
comes with honesty in confession
revealing your vulnerability to community
and being connected to where you belong.

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Hit The Wall

Up against the wall you hit
scratch and scrape
pound your fist
flail and wail
till you prevail
just rest and sit
and try again

dont fail to notice
the open door
the rope to climb
or signs galore
that point the way
and reveal the path
to where you seek
to your next step

The signs they say
to ask and pray
the open door says
come this way
the rope hung down
screams I’m the way
but please,
continue to pound away

The thought to break the wall away
to stand and say I found my way
will waste and waste and waste away
a life thats meant to shape and change
the world that lays across that wall
to pride, another life will fall
unless we read the signs and say
Ill take the path that God has made.

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What A Waste

On the Night where all sleep late,
Not a soul even wakes.
A boy, who by no name
Cries out in pain.
Wondering through the rain,
He dreams of wealth and fame.
Sacrificing everything,
To gain what none should attain;
Depending on just himself,
He needs no help,
Working day by day
To gain what none should attain.
At last he glances back,
To see the trail left.
What a shame what a shame,
All the wealth and fame.
Life is gone with nothing done,
What a waste what a waste,
To see a life of wealth and pain,
Go to waste go to waste.

Wake Up – Give your life away

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