About Me

My name is Michael Robertson but everyone calls me Crob. This name originated during my early high school years and kind of stuck. There were a lot of Michaels around, very popular name, so my friends started calling me Mike Rob. One day, a good friend of mine, Drew Allen – who is a great drummer- put my contact in his phone as My Crob, because it sounded like Mike Rob. The name has hung strong forming other shapes like Crobbicles of Narnia, Crob Cakes, Crobalicious, or the good ole CrobbieCrob.

Because I am a strong believer in that, who we are is a result of other people investing in our lives, I wanted to make this page more of a testimonial about who I am, through the words of my friends. Here is what they have to say.

According to Nancy Green

Mike Rob is a person who cares – about people, about puppies, about kids, about causes. (sometimes he cares too much and for too long). He is faithful and steadfast to people and the Lord. He hates injustice, loves publix subs and long road trips for no reason. He writes poetry and reads books. He also loves his mama and his friends. He hates being taken for granted (dont we all?).

According to Sara Corvil

Crob is a hard-working, faithful servant. He loves to love his friends…and he does it well. He is like an iPhone…he can do just about anything.