Its mid July…its been too long

So, It’s mid July, and it has been entirely too long since I have last blogged.  Here what is new in my life right now.

1.  Work – So far so good.  Some transition is happening with staffing, should be good changes.  I am not expecting anything drastic to take shape in what i do.

2.  Living in the Cottage is going well.  It has been too hot to have fires right now.  I need a new digital antenna.  I like weeding the mulch bed around the house!

3.  Going to Mexico in August with the Young Adult Group.  Excited to raise funds and get going!

4.  Girl

I miss all my florida family and friends, I love checking out what’s going on through facebook.

My desire is to live a life worthy of the calling with which I have been called.
God Bless
MIke Rob 


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One response to “Its mid July…its been too long

  1. brooke

    yay! a crobbie post in my google reader 🙂

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