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Mexico City Final Recap – 2012

from the plane

What an amazing trip!  What started as a mission trip where we are expected to do all we can for God and people, turned into a vision trip, in which we spent time with Father and did what we were told to do.  The question comes to mind, what produces more fruit, just doing, or listening and doing.  The Bible says that Jesus did whatever His Father told Him to do.  Was he one to seek out a bunch of random serving opportunities?  It is clear, that Jesus would retreat, He would rest, He would go off by Himself.  This was our model for the trip.

We were encouraged to listen and then to do.  We were encouraged to be with God, and not just robot doers of work.  Our trip included feeding hungry people, giving value to people that normal society would not value, prayer walking, talking to people, building relationships and being tourist.  It’s hard to describe exactly what I learned, except I feel like I was discipled to value community, especially when it involves food!

Being back a week, I find myself waking up to life as I knew it.  Work happens every day, church happens every weekend.  I miss Mexico City; I miss being with the team that I spent night and day with, especially Benjamin and our bed sleeping arrangement.  I miss the churos and hot chocolate; the tacos wore then after the fourth night!  I miss the crazy traffic and being the guy that doesn’t know Spanish.  It’s good to be home though.  As a group, we now have the opportunity to be the church to our community and congregation.  This leads into my last lesson.  If there is something you don’t like about your church, if there is something the church is not doing that you think it should be doing…then do it.   Don’t complain at what the church is not doing, but be the “solution”.

If you read this, may I encourage you to support Josh Harder as he serves Mexico City?  If you want to know how, message me.

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Buying fruit from a stand…

Today was a great day. It started by being able to sleep in, followed by a huge breakfast provided by the ladies! Eggs and French toast. We then spent the day setting up and preparing for an Injustice rally with the focus of trafficking. They showed a film, which was in Spanish…we will watch the English version soon! Worship was amazing. What a great experience to worship with a different culture. Tomorrow we will be checking out some sights and looking for trinkets to bring home.

I’ll leave you with the thought of the day. Do Justice, Love Mercy, and Walk humbly with your God! These thoughts are united and not meant to stand alone from each other.

God is good.




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Mexico Missions Day 3

We traveled to a different part of Mexico today. We met at the YWAM base in the city and learned about the history of there base, and the service we were joining with today. After making and packing tons of lunches we went out and spent time on the street with some youth and young adults.
The relationships that have been built by the YWAM group was evident. They gave relationship to the “un wanted”. They place value on life, and specifically on their lives. It was fun to watch different cultures give and receive love over lunch and soccer in the rain.
This is a vision trip. A chance to see and explore how God can use us in the everyday. We have set aside time to discover Gods voice daily, and with obedience walk out what we are called to do. This gives me fresh perspective about the verse that says obedience is better than sacrifice. One can’t stop at hearing what God is saying. Obedience will be the action involved. What does an obedient Body of Christ look like?

5 full days left. So much to hear and do!





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Mexico city missions

A lot of great things happening in Mexico

There has been set apart time for meditations and prayer to God. We have been challenged to quiet our souls and listen for what God is doing.

This is the focus, to share Gods love. We are being challenged to not take the Bible as a rule book for being a Christian, but to walk in relationship with Father and let the scripture speak to us.

There is nothing being done here, that is not or can not be done wherever you are reading this from. The challenge then is to be the hands and feet of Christ. If there is ministry to be done, and no one is doing it…why should it go undone? Is there a passion in your heart? Why not run after it.

On a food note, the tacos are fabulous. Continued prayer for safety and health are welcome.

Jesus te Amo





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Mexico city trip

What an awesome trip so far. The parts of the city we have seen are beautiful. I am adding some pics to show what is going on. Thanks everyone for the prayers and support. Also I miss my gf Jenna!





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Life Update

So.  A lot is going on with life right now.  I will be leaving for Mexico City Monday morning.  I am going with 28 other people to join in fulfilling the great commission…to Go into all the world.  I am supper excited to travel with my friends on my first out of the country missions trip.  We will get back Wednesday the 15th.  I am looking forward to learning about a different culture and expanding my limited travel experience.

In other news, I am loving being in a relationship.  Jennifer Wesner is my awesome girlfriend, and well – I am supper happy with how this is going.  It’s awesome to get to know someone on a deeper level.  Jenna has a wonderful little girl named “G”.  She is smart and funny.  Loving this time in my life right now!

To do list before I leave:  Clean, Weed the garden bed, light shopping for pants and socks.

Work is going well too. – is where I work, feel free to check it out.  The video of our weekend services are on the page, it will give you an idea of what I do.

Mucho love to all my family (if you read this or not – if you read this then you know I am giving you a shout out!)

And to my Gainesville Family, miss you guys.  Pre congrats to Ryan Beacher who is getting married August 31st!

Challenged more and more to live a life worthy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Image


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Its mid July…its been too long

So, It’s mid July, and it has been entirely too long since I have last blogged.  Here what is new in my life right now.

1.  Work – So far so good.  Some transition is happening with staffing, should be good changes.  I am not expecting anything drastic to take shape in what i do.

2.  Living in the Cottage is going well.  It has been too hot to have fires right now.  I need a new digital antenna.  I like weeding the mulch bed around the house!

3.  Going to Mexico in August with the Young Adult Group.  Excited to raise funds and get going!

4.  Girl

I miss all my florida family and friends, I love checking out what’s going on through facebook.

My desire is to live a life worthy of the calling with which I have been called.
God Bless
MIke Rob 

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My Heart….where did you go?

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. – New Living Translation (©2007)

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. – English Standard Version (©2001)

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. – New American Standard Bible (©1995)

Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life. – GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)

Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it. – Douay-Rheims Bible

With all watchfulness keep thy heart, because life issueth out from it.

This a continual battle for me, to guard my heart.  How does one truly guard his or her heart?  Different versions of Proverbs describe guarding a few ways, “keep” , “watch over”, “with all watchfulness”.

This leads me to the thought of knowing where my thoughts, emotions, affections and time is invested, where it goes.  If i can guide these parts of me, setting boundaries,  I think I will be guarding my heart. The heart is vital, life flows from the heart.  Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be (Matt 6:21).

Lord, help me to guide my time, my affections, my heart.  I want to honor the Lord, my friends, and my future by guarding my heart.  I want to be a man full of life, not death.  I want my heart to be full of life, not disappointment and hurt.  I desire for my heart to belong to God, all of it.

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In Florida

I’m sitting on Archer Road, at Panera Bread.  I am in Gainesville FL.  It is hard to see everyone I want to see in the short time I am here, but I have been blessed to visit with many people.  I like the atmosphere of Gainesville.  I like the college atmosphere and the community that can be found in Gville.


I am currently reading Radical by David Platt.  This book measures Modern day christianity with what David would argue is biblical christianity.  If you want to be challenged towards a more radical life, this book will make you think.  The argument that modern christianity stops at us, our personal salvation, and biblical christianity includes us, in the spreading of God’s glory to the end of the earth, destroys the selfish gospel of me and promotes caring about all man knowing and receiving the truth.

Anyways, a lot to think through, good stuff, challenging stuff.  Back to Gville notes.  Went to Yamotos with a lot of people.  Thanks Drew Allen for hooking that up.  Went to my home church, it was good to see P Mike and the gang.  I forgot how college heavy the church.  Steve and Jillian threw down with Worship.

My last thoughts for this post are these:

I Miss PA, the friends I have made there
It is really muggy in FL!
And i like plane fights.

If you read my stuff, thanks!  Feel free to comment.  Also I am making an effort to write more often….starting now.

God BlessImage 

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Back on Track

It has been too long since my last post. I have lost touch with my writing. This is something I want to pick up as a discipline for my life. Also, I like to write, so hopefully i continue to enjoy it. I’m gonna break this post up into a couple sections. 1. Quick update on Crob and life. 2. Thoughts I’m thinking. Hope you enjoy.

Crob Update:

Since last October/November, I still live in PA! I know shocking. I had good holidays, spending the time with Bryce Taylor and friends. My mother came up for Christmas. I shuttled her all over Lancaster, showed her some Amish stuff and we had some good meals. I am soon moving out of my current apartment and into a small cottage. It is a one room studio cottage. I am forming plans for a fire pit and will hopefully become an expert grill master (i.e. Im buying a grill and am gonna cook outside a lot). I have enjoyed making new friends and am on a journey of forming a community around me. I was told it takes a good two years to really integrate into a new place, I’m hoping it’s sooner for me. I miss everyone back home, but I am enjoying the job and the area. I enjoyed my first snow trip to Vermont last month.  Went sledding and ate some snow, got a van stuck and had a lot fun with friends!  Some pics are on my facebook. My brother was in a pretty bad accident last week, but he is ok. I’m thankful for that.


Lately I have been recognizing how merciful and gracious God has been to me. Something happens when you sit back and just look at your life. What I have recognized are the people in it, I’m lucky! My encouragement is one that I shared with the Young Adult group last Tuesday. Recognize God’s movement and work in your life, and be encouraged, strengthened, inspired by God’s faithfulness to you. I promise you, He is faithful. Let His track record instill a confidence and a trust that He will take care of you, that He is for you.

That is what I have right now. More to come.


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